We provide lawn maintenance, landscape maintenance, lawn care and yard work for residential and commercial properties in the Phoenix area.

Mow and clip lawn care landscaping in Phoenix AZ

Mow & Clip Lawn Care  is the provider of top quality commercial & residential lawn maintenance and yard mowing services in the Phoenix area for the customer that deserves the best.

Mow and Clip Lawn Care Lawn Maintenance in Phoenix

We carry liability insurance.

What level of lawn care service are you looking for?

Basic Service - Basic Lawn Care Service includes mowing & line trimming of turf grass areas and blowing or sweeping of driveways, sidewalks, and patios.  Basic Service is a no extras, mow and go service.  Does not include weeds.  With Basic Service we may or may not bag grass clippings based on the your particular yard.  Basic Service is for customers that want to keep their neighbors happy and keep the city happy.  If you order basic service you will receive basic service.  If you want your place to look nice, you want to consider one of our other levels of service below.

*Basic Service starts at $35 per visit

*Based on the size of the yard.


Looking Good Service - Looking Good Lawn Care Service includes mowing & line trimming of turf grass areas, blowing or sweeping of driveways, sidewalks, and patios, trimming of bushes as needed, weeding planters & flower beds and fertilizing plants as needed.  Looking Good Service requires weekly service between the months of May through September.

*Looking Good Service starts at $45 per visit

*Based on number of plants and size of yard.


Nicest Yard Service - Nicest Yard Lawn Care Service includes mowing & line trimming of turf areas, blowing or sweeping of driveways, sidewalks, and patios, trimming of bushes as needed, weeding planters & flower beds and fertilizing plants as needed.  Nicest Yard Service also includes installation of winter rye in turf grass areas for the fall/winter season, power washing of driveways, patios, walkways & pool decking as needed or once per month.  Nicest Yard Service requires weekly service between the months of May through September.

*Nicest Yard Service starts at $69 per visit

*Based on number of plants, size of yard and square footage of driveways and patios.

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We do not pick up any kind of fecal mater (dog droppings).  Make sure that your yard is picked up BEFORE the landscape maintenance crew arrives or your yard will not be serviced.  This is a health concern.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding in this mater.  

See below for Lawn Maintenance Services Provided

A beautiful lawn enhances your property's curb appeal, increases your home's value and improves your quality of life.  Let our lawn care professionals keep your yard wonderful and enjoyable for you year round.


Maintaining a landscaped yard in the Phoenix area is difficult work.  It’s hot, dirty and exhausting.  It takes a lot of effort and time away from your schedule and/or family.  Most people do not have the time, knowledge or desire to maintain the lawn themselves.  Maintaining your own yard also requires a number of lawn and yard equipment.  The tools needed to do the job properly are cost prohibitive for someone using them occasionally and the tools that are affordable are barely adequate to do the job right.


Providing the proper amount of irrigation water to landscaped plants and turf grass can be difficult to do at times.  It takes lots of practice, knowledge of soils and plant material, and knowledge of how different irrigation clocks, sprinklers and drip emitters work.  Providing the proper amount of water has many effects; proper plant development and health, proper drainage and a lower water bill.  It is important to hire a lawn maintenance professional that understands all aspects of irrigating landscaped areas and turf.  At Mow and Clip Lawn Care, we have gone through extensive training on irrigation clocks, sprinklers, drip and bubbler systems, soils, different plant life and adequate water amounts.  This will help your plants be and stay health, keep your water bill low and increase the longevity of your landscaping for years of enjoyment.

Living in the desert doesn’t have to be dry and boring.  There are many plants that will grow and be beautiful here in the Phoenix area.  How your property looks and benefits you has a lot to do with how the lawn and yard are maintained.  Properly maintaining trees in the landscape is a huge factor in how your overall yard looks.  Poorly trimmed or maintained trees can cause damage to your home or office, damage to vehicles in parking lots or driveways and could cause premature death or disease to the trees. 

Moreover, the condition of your turf grass can also have a large effect on the beauty of one’s property.  A lawn that is not mowed at the proper height or frequency can cause browning and disease, costing more money in fertilizer and water.  When selecting a tree maintenance, lawn care, landscape maintenance or yard work provider for residential or commercial properties, always remember that you get what you pay for.  So choose a lawn service and landscape maintenance provider wisely.  Kick back, relax and leave the lawn maintenance to the professionals.

Lawn Maintenance Services Provided

HOA Common Area Maintenance in Phoenix H.O.A Common Area Lawn and Landscape Maintenance

Commercial Management in Phoenix Apartment Complex Landscape Maintenance and Lawn Maintenance

Commercial Maintenance in Phoenix
Commercial Landscape and Lawn Maintenance

Total landscape maintenance in Phoenix Residential Lawn Care
Hedge Trimming in Phoenix Hedge trimming

Lawn mowing in phoenix Lawn Maintenance and Turf Management

Dethatching in Phoenix De-thatching Services

Fertilization - fertilizing in Phoenix Fertilization


                        Weed control & weed removal
- Organic weed control available $38 per one gallon of applied product.

Power Washing Services in Phoenix AZ
Power washing sidewalks, houses, driveways & more - Starting at $45*

Storm Clean ups in Phoenix Storm clean ups/Storm Damage Removal

Planting Services in Phoenix and planting of trees and bushes in Phoenix Planting of trees & shrubs

Winter and Summer seeding in Phoenix Sod laying, summer lawn & winder lawn seeding

Seasonal Planting in Phoenix Seasonal planting/flower beds

Lawn Care & Property Maintenance Prescott, AZ Lawn Care and Property Maintenance in Northern Arizona

 Tree trimming in Phoenix   Tree trimming, tree removal & stump grinding

Consultations in Phoenix  Consultations - Starting at $30*

Storm Damage Cleanup and removal in Phoenix, AZ *Storm Damage Service Call - $95 (includes up to 2 hrs, hauling is extra)

                         *24 Hour Emergency Storm Damage/Irrigation Service Calls $95
(includes first hour, additional
                                  hours are billed at $50 per hour.)

                                *Some restrictions apply. Ask for details. Prices subject to change without notice.



Enjoy your outdoors again.


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